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It’s almost June!

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Don’t tell the boys but today while we were touring the farm with Oregon Tilth, I spotted some red strawberries.  Anything sweet around here will be gone in minutes.  Next year that whole field will be strawberries, enough for everyone, even Penny.

We also have some peas but someone is munching on them.  I think it’s rabbits, Craig thinks it’s ground squirrels.  Our overwintering kale is being devoured by aphids.  We released some lady bugs last week but…I don’t know.  The preying mantis are hatching on the frig, they will eat those pesky suckers!

Strawberries and blueberries are right around the corner but so are the greens.  Greens are good for your brain, but more importantly for your kids developing brain, did you know that?

Chicks…lots of them

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This week we drove to our local hatchery in hubbard (Lazy 54) and got some chicks.  The boys were very excited and we drove home with the chicks in the back seat, sitting between Gabe and Jake.  Once home the boys couldn’t keep their hands off the chirping wonders.  Gabriel wants to know why chicks cannot stay chicks forever, they are so so cute.  Gabe named one of the chicks, Spike.  Wonder how he can tell which one is Spike.

Enjoy your own chicks and this wonderful sun.  Don’t forget to plant the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.

Time to plant tomatoes…almost

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They say that you can start planting tomatoes after Mother’s day.  It is safe to assume it will not frost after this day.  Mother’s day is Sunday.  I don’t know about you but before we can plant anything, we need the soil to dry out.  And after we plant the tomatoes, please don’t hail like right after I planted the lima beans…what was I thinking anyway?  Not to worry, I have some more seeds that will be sprouting soon.

Did any of you go to the Spring Garden Fair put up by the Clackamas County Master Gardeners (OSU sponsored-Go Beavs!)?  It was our 25th anniversary and is lots of fun.  You should go next year, it’s the first weekend in May and held at the Canby Fairgrounds.   We got some shrubs, some tomatoe plants, and the highlight was big burrs containing praying mantis eggs.  Once they hatch we should have 200 per burr.  I think we have6 sitting in jars on top of the frig.  Gabriel is super excited.  We also got green lacewing bugs that will devour the aphids.  Those will be released right by the kale.

I’ve been reading Wildgardenseeds catalog, it is very inspiring.  I used to read alot of books.    For now though I just read seed catalogs.  I like the ones that tell me which greens should be planted when.  For example, purslane should be grown in the summer.  This makes me happy because I really really like it and summer is almost here.  Cress should be grown in the fall/spring.  This doesn’t make me too happy but I have purslane.  I cannot wait to try the other greens like amaranth and some others.

It is going to be a beautiful weekend for farming.  Enjoy your garden, your farm, your patio.  Plant a tomatoe.  My favorite is Purple Cherokee but I hear Sungold and Juliet are nice, I have those started.  My sister loves Pineapple because it’s not acidic and doesn’t upset Paul’s tummy. Christy likes Japanese Black Triffel.

Like I said, plant a tomato.  Don’t know where to buy a great heirloom variety?  Go to the Oregon City Farmers market and check out Christy’s beautiful plants.  While there say hello to Monica and admire her greens.  Last but not least, the earliest tomatoes will come from Bob and Gwen  and THE most beautiful lettuce you will ever see is from them as well.

Enjoy your weekend!